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My Story

One evening I found myself lying on the bathroom floor crying and asking God is this all there is to life? I woke up the next day determined to find a better way to live–I was overweight and out of shape, in a very unhappy and stressful marriage, raising 3 beautiful but needy children. I didn’t know how to fix all of the mess in my life but I did know that the only part of it I could change was me. I knew I wanted to be a better and more patient mom and a good wife, a better friend and I knew I had to do something about my health.


Fortunately, the book Eat, Pray, Love came out that year and I learned all about meditation. My world began to change drastically when I learned to quiet my mind and add some space around all of the stress. My thoughts and focus became more clear. My mood started to change. Then a friend insisted I give yoga a try. Yoga was excellent for my body, mind, and soul. I became stronger and flexible in my body. My mind became more clear and able to handle my daily challenges. I like to describe that time in my life as “coming alive.” Coming alive to the beauty and miracle of life and everything that had been given to me.


Fast forward a year and I started a 9-month journey to becoming a certified yoga instructor. I started teaching beginning yoga with one of my teachers and taught that class off and on for years. I also decided to get a specialized training in Yoga Nidra–a deep relaxation meditation. Several years passed and although many things in my life were going well–other parts weren’t going so well. My marriage, despite all of my efforts, wasn’t working. My Dad came down with Pancreatic Cancer and battled that for 17 months before ultimately losing that battle. In a short span of time: I lost my Dad, my marriage, had some significant health problems that required two major surgeries and then lost a lifetime friend to cancer.


Sometimes too many things get piled on top of a human being that forces them to sink or swim—fortunately I’m a swimmer. One of the greatest blessings in my life is my faith and the amazing community of people that have always surrounded me in my life. They held me and my family tightly during this time of life. One of my best friends suggested that even though I couldn’t control any of the other scenarios in my life, I could take control of my health. She was a coach for Beachbody and quickly got me on a great exercise and eating plan. I finally felt strong, healthy, clear and with more vigor to tackle the stresses of my life.


This past year I visited NYC with friends. On the flight home, I had a profound experience that will forever stick out in my mind, including a serendipitous conversation. That same evening I had a dream that I was to pursue opening a dance studio. I immediately thought of a building that my family owns. As soon as I walked in the building, I was flooded with the idea of opening Communio and all of the various things I wanted to offer back to the community.


My desire is to bring a sense of community and belonging and helping people reach their highest and most healthy self. I owe all of my greatest successes to my friends, family, and God– who have always surrounded me. We are not meant to do things alone. Together we are stronger.